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Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs)

(VOCs) VOLATILE ORGANIC CHEMICALS (MCL=0.005 to 10 mg/l) are the group of chemicals that readily "evaporate" into the air at very low temperatures. Gasoline contains VOCs. If you spill gasoline, it evaporates into the air and you can smell it very strongly. VOCs can exist in water and a small increase in temperature will release them into the air. It may be in your interest to investigate the source of any presence of these compounds in your water.

Recommended Treatment: Whole House Carbon Filtration, combined with other pre-treatment systems. Testing should be done on a regular basis to assure that "breakthrough" of toxic compounds is not occurring.

(THMs) TRIHALOMETHANES (MCL=0.1 mg/l) may be formed as a by-product of the reaction of chlorine and organic matter. THMs can effect the nervous system, muscles and are suspected to be carcinogenic.

Recommended Treatment: Granular Activated Carbon

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